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If you have aloha for golf in Hawaii and free time in mid-April, the LOTTE Championship could use your help as a tournament volunteer!  All volunteers are provided with a complimentary volunteer uniform (shirt and a cap or visor), meals and beverages, a volunteer badge (good for weeklong access), parking, an invitation to the volunteer appreciation party following the tournament, and an opportunity to play golf at Ko Olina Golf Club (minimum two full work days required).

Volunteer Committee Descriptions:

Marshals are stationed throughout the course to ensure fair play among all participants and the safety of spectators. Marshals enforce golf etiquette and control spectator noise and traffic. Marshals are stationed on each tee and green, landing areas, player crossovers, and spectator crosswalks.  Must be knowledgeable in golf etiquette, be able to walk to and from hole location assignments, have adequate vision and hearing, and be able stand for extended periods of time.  Committee specific training will be provided prior to the event.  (Volunteers needed Tuesday 4/14 - Saturday 1/18; minimum two full days required).  To volunteer as a marshal, please email Jim Murphy and Chuck McCauley.

Parking volunteers operate and control proper access and flow to all parking areas, help with traffic control and facilitate loading passenger shuttles.  Check parking passes and player credentials; direct guests to appropriate parking lots.  May require periods of standing and outdoor elements.  (Volunteers needed Tuesday 4/14 - Saturday 4/18).  Please email E.B. Lawson and Chuck McCauley to volunteer in the parking committee.

Standard Bearers are responsible for carrying a standard (with the names and scores for each professional) on the course for an entire round.  Physically demanding; volunteers must be able to walk 18 holes and carry a standard (at least 5-6 pounds) for an entire round. Must be knowledgeable in golf etiquette.  Golf knowledge is helpful.  (Volunteers are needed Tuesday 4/14 - Sunday 4/18).  Please email Chris Urabe and Chuck McCauley to volunteer as a standard bearer.

Each scorer follows a particular group with a wireless handheld device and headset, marking each stroke and specific statistics.  At the end of each hole, these volunteers are responsible for communicating scores to Scoring Central.  Must be able to walk 18 holes.  Golf knowledge is essential.  Committee specific training will be provided prior to the event.  (Volunteers are needed Tuesday 4/14 - Sunday 4/18).  To volunteer as a walking scorer, please email Dick Hastings and Chuck McCauley.


2015 Volunteer Leadership

Chuck McCauley, Volunteer Chairman

Jim Flynn, Volunteer Vice Chairman

Jan Singletary, Volunteer Vice Chairman

Allan Ano, Caddie Master

Connie Bache, Pro Services

Doug Barbieto, First Aid

Cameron Barnes, Rope and Stakes

Jim Femia, Tournament Support

Don Fern, Television

Dick Hastings, Walking Scorers

Beth La Goy, Scoring Central

E.B. Lawson, Parking

Ian MacLean, Pro Airport Transportation

Arleen McCauley, Admissions

Jim Murphy, Gallery Control

Carl Nowack, Pro-Am, Finance & Tee Control

Rob Robles, Pro Shuttle

Chris Urabe, Standards