Course Map

Hole 1 - Par 5
Mens: 487 Yards | Ladies: 427 Yards | LPGA: 503 Yards

Begin your journey at Ko Olina with a straightaway par 5. The fairway is guarded by OB on the left side and sand bunkers on the right. Keep it in the fairway with the right club selection and avoid all trouble areas. Green is slightly elevated bordered by a sand bunker to the right.


Hole 2 - Par 4
Mens: 387 Yards | Ladies: 321 Yards | LPGA: 365 Yards

Lengthy hole with OB and sand bunkers on the left side and water feature to the right. From the tee, prevailing winds cause the ball to drift to the water hazard. Two-tiered, elevated green makes for a difficult approach shot.


Hole 3 - Par 4
Mens: 345 Yards | Ladies: 277 Yards | LPGA: 345 Yards

Short par 4, but prevailing winds make this hole quite deceiving. Fairways are guarded by OB and sand bunkers to the left and a lateral water hazard to the right. For long hitters, the landing area is very generous. The hour-shaped green will test your putting skills.


Hole 4 - Par 3
Mens: 184 Yards | Ladies: 125 Yards | LPGA: 154 Yards

Down wind and down hill slope make for a difficult shot. A high shot will create a “floater” type shot, which would put you in the pot bunker to the left. The two-tiered green can be difficult to read.


Hole 5 - Par 5
Mens: 506 Yards | Ladies: 438 Yards | LPGA: 528 Yards

Another scorable par 5. The fairway is guarded by OB and a sand bunker on the left side and a pond on the right. Hit it down the center and debate whether to go for the green on two. Or simply lay up just short of the sand bunkers to the right. Another hour-shaped green to test your skills.


Hole 6 - Par 4
Mens: 357 Yards | Ladies: 316 Yards | LPGA: 357 Yards

Tee shot is affected by a severe swale just in front of the teeing ground. Landing area is very generous, but not ideal for a “slice”. The right side of the fairway is lined with trees and a sand bunker. The elevated green is guarded by a sand bunker on the left.


Hole 7 - Par 4
Mens: 412 Yards | Ladies: 352 Yards | LPGA: 384 Yards

This hole runs alongside hole #6, therefore, it calls for another tee shot over a severe swale. The left side of the fairway plays a bit shorter, but hitting your drive too long and left will result in an uphill sand bunker shot. Prevailing winds help with your approach shot to a slightly elevated green.


Hole 8 - Par 3 (signature hole)
Mens: 165 Yards | Ladies: 100 Yards | LPGA: 143 Yards

One of our signature par 3 holes. With a water feature along the left side of the hole, club selection is key to success. With a sloping green, par is a great score.


Hole 9 - Par 4
Mens: 409 Yards | Ladies: 332 Yards | LPGA: 409 Yards

Guarded by sand bunkers left and right, keep your tee shot in the center. Should you get a little careless off the tee, your approach shot becomes quite lengthy. Two-tiered green makes for a tough “two-putt”.


Hole 10 - Par 4
Mens: 393 Yards | Ladies: 307 Yards | LPGA: 393 Yards

Slight dog-leg right hole. Hitting a driver is not necessary, but very rewarding if you can carry the water feature on the right side. With an elevated green, you must hit a higher lofted shot to hit it close to the pin.


Hole 11 - Par 4
Mens: 355 Yards | Ladies: 323 Yards | LPGA: 355 Yards

Short and scorable par 4. Avoid the sand bunkers to the right and left by hitting it down the center and birdie is a sure possibility.


Hole 12 - Par 3 (signature hole)
Mens: 166 Yards | Ladies: 119 Yards | LPGA: 145 Yards

A definite beauty shot! Drive through a cascading waterfall en route to the #12 tee box. Prevailing winds are against you and using more club is in your best interest. Keep your ball below the pin allowing for an uphill putt.


Hole 13 - Par 5
Mens: 500 Yards | Ladies: 431 Yards | LPGA: 514 Yards

Elevated tee box overlooks the entire hole. Prevailing winds can play havoc with your tee shot, drifting your ball to the water feature on the right. The water is bordered by a fairway sand bunker, giving you a bit of security. Success on this three-tiered green requires some luck.


Hole 14 - Par 5
Mens: 498 Yards | Ladies: 413 Yards | LPGA: 498 Yards

Two par 5’s in a row. Another great opportunity for those long-hitters! Slightly elevated fairway and prevailing winds take some distance away from you. The green is also elevated with two tiers.


Hole 15 - Par 4
Mens: 340 Yards | Ladies: 295 Yards | LPGA: 353 Yards

Short par 4 guarded by sand bunkers on the right and left. Long hitters have a chance to hit this green off the tee. A ridge bisects the green.


Hole 16 - Par 3
Mens: 205 Yards | Ladies: 169 Yards | LPGA: 181 Yards

Slightly downhill with winds gusting right, this hole can play quite difficult. Our longest par 3, guarded by sand bunkers right and left of the green.


Hole 17 - Par 4
Mens: 338 Yards | Ladies: 303 Yards | LPGA: 353 Yards

A short, dog-leg right par 4 poses as an “easy” hole. Sand bunkers are strategically placed on the right side of the fairway and green. Approach shot is directly into the wind.


Hole 18 - Par 4 (signature hole)
Mens: 403 Yards | Ladies: 313 Yards | LPGA: 403 Yards

What a finish! Our signature #18 hole plays tougher and longer than it looks at first glance. Water features affect both your tee shot and approach shot. The severely sloped, two-tiered green can also add to your score.